About Me

I work full time from home and enjoy being able to offer people a glimpse of hope or happiness through my readings.

From as far back as I can I remember, I have been drawn to Angels and Faeries and have a great fascination with the subject. I have been reading Angel Oracle, Tarot and many other cards for over 25 years and that I cast spells for all areas of life.  I work with the angels, the universe and the moon energies in order to achieve your desired outcome. I cast a one night spell or a triple spell for stubborn situations have gained a great deal of experience from reading for my friends and family and have developed my technique and skills. I have now been doing readings on a professional level for just over 10 years and have developed a respectable reputation with my customers.

Whether you need a reading or have a burning question to be answered, I will do my very best to help you attain the answers you need and help to provide you with a more positive future. I use my intuition and spirit guides to provide you with the best quality of reading and have many testimonials from very satisfied customers. I really enjoy my work and I am always happy to try and provide you with the reading of your choice. If however, you are unable to find a reading that suits your needs I am more than willing to try and create one that will.

My readings include: The soul mate spread, The new love spread, The life purpose spread, Abundance Spread, Healing spread, Contacting your guardian spread together with what the Angels want you to know, Contacting a deceased love one Looking Ahead and Past, Present and Future spread, tarot, angel therapy card readings, find out your animal spirit guard, my new cosmic rune readings, colour healing therapy readings. Powerful new and full moon angel moon spells and Relationships spreads.

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Please do not request free services such as readings and angel spell works and to message me only for

consultations queries on my services, prices and recommendations of my services thank you.

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