Citrine – Moonlight Energised & Blessed Crystals


Citrine is a variety of quartz whose colour ranges from a pale yellow to brown. Natural citrines are quite rare. Citrine has a very strong amplification ability, which aids one to be more decisive about what they manifest into their reality. This stone allows one to let go of their fears in order to fully accept the good that is coming their way.Wear it close to the Solar Plexus to increase it’s effectiveness

Citrine is great for enhancing mental clarity, self-confidence and will power, it helps remove and deflect negative energy of all kinds, it eliminates all fears caused by the influence of others, balances energy and aligns chakras with ethereal plane, activates and opens navel and solar plexus chakras, energizes the root chakra. Also heightens sexuality and sensuality. Is an excellent crystal for dream recall and enhancing personal power and can protect against negative energy from abuse, good for psychic awareness and spiritual development.

In order to gain a greater closeness with one's self and the Angelic realms this stone has been specially blessed and energised for you by Angelmoon Dew. It has been cleansed under the moonlight of the New moon and energised with Angelic energies and healing powers. This stone will not need to be cleansed when purchased and will provide an immediate boost to you and those around you once received. Keep it on your person at all times to gain the best possible results.


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