Recent Past, Present, & Future Reading


A great reading for people who need to know a little more about what direction their life may be taking. The reading will cover the recent past, the present and the coming month ahead, it can help you to uncover any issues or problems that you may be having or could have. It will enable you to better identify how to overcome them and you will then be able to gain a more positive and beneficial situation for yourself going forward. It is also good for anyone who is a little unsure of what course their life is taking and perhaps just need a little extra guidance in order to make the right choices.

If you would like advice on which reading is best you please do not hesitate to contact me on the Contact section of the store or the site or alternatively through facebook. When ordering the reading please send me an email containing your name, date of birth. I will then send you your reading to your email address unless you have specified a postal reading.


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