Spell For Luck, Money & Fortune



Have you been burdened by misfortune and want to see it all stop or come to an end? Then this spell can help. I cast the spell on a friday night and light a green candle. The candle has the words "good fortune" together with the your name inscribed on it. As the candle burns I perform the spell ritual and repeat the process six times. This ensures the spell has the best possible effect and helps the candles energy pass out into the universe and into you. All my spells are cast using authentic candles, with carefully sourced items including the altar and the annointing oils. I give every spell I cast my total attention and always perform them in calm and peaceful surroundings without distraction.

With each spell cast, I will send you a picture of your candle being burnt on the altar. I am always happy to answer any questions you may have about any of my spells and can be contacted using the contact form on my store, my website or on my facebook page.


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