Unakite – Moonlight Energised & Blessed Crystals


First discovered in the United States in the Unakas mountains of North Carolina from which it gets its name, unakite is an altered granite composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and generally colourless quartz. It exists in various shades of green and pink and is usually mottled in appearance.

Unakite is a great stone for unleashing hidden emotional pain, it connects the lower and higher Heart Chakras and assists you in finding your animal spirit guides. It encourages self-love and compassion and helps remove negative energy, it also aids you to remain strong in times of being a victim. It helps maintain a balance between spiritual and physical lives, it removes energy blockages blocking personal growth and helps you find the right path. Hold on the Sacral Chakra to assist empowerment of one’s well being, mediate with Unakite to find answers to emotional questions or place in a room to fill the atmosphere with a gentle calming energy.

In order to gain a greater closeness with one's self and the Angelic realms this stone has been specially blessed and energised for you by Angelmoon Dew. It has been cleansed under the moonlight of the New moon and energised with Angelic energies and healing powers. This stone will not need to be cleansed when purchased and will provide an immediate boost to you and those around you once received. Keep it on your person at all times to gain the best possible results.


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